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거유 일베: 당신이 몰랐던 놀라운 사실들! 클릭하세요!

도 넘은 일간베스트...'일베', 그들은 누구인가_130523_채널A NEWS

거유 일베

거유 일베 (Geoyu Ilbe) is a phrase that translates to “Large Breasted Ilbe”. Ilbe, short for Ilgan Best or “First in the World,” is a popular online community that originated in South Korea. The website was created in 2010 and quickly gained popularity among young men in their twenties and thirties. The community allowed users to share memes, news, and opinions on a variety of topics. However, over the years, Ilbe became infamous for the controversial views expressed by some of its members.

One of the subcultures that emerged within the Ilbe community was that of Geoyu Ilbe. This subgroup was characterized by an obsession with large-breasted women and the sharing of erotic images and videos. The members of Geoyu Ilbe described themselves as “breast enthusiasts” and would often create threads with titles such as “Boobs of the Day” and “The Best Breasts in Korea.”

Geoyu Ilbe has been widely criticized for objectifying women, engaging in misogyny, and promoting sexual exploitation. Despite this, the community continues to thrive, with members claiming that it is simply a harmless hobby.

This article will delve into the history of Ilbe, the background of Geoyu Ilbe, the controversy surrounding the community, and the legal ramifications of its actions.

History of Ilbe

Ilbe was created in 2010 by a group of young men who were dissatisfied with the mainstream media’s portrayal of current events. They saw Ilbe as an alternative to traditional news sources and a place where they could share their opinions without censorship. At first, the community was relatively small, but it quickly grew in popularity.

The topics discussed on Ilbe ranged from politics to entertainment, with members often sharing satirical memes and images. The language used on the site was often crude, and it was known for being a place where free speech was encouraged.

As Ilbe grew in popularity, it began to gain attention from mainstream media outlets. The community was often labeled as “right-wing” or “conservative” due to the controversial opinions expressed by some members. While the majority of the members simply used the site as a place to share their views, there were a few who took their ideologies to an extreme level.

One of the most controversial aspects of Ilbe was the use of derogatory terms to describe other races, particularly Koreans of mixed ethnicity. Members would refer to them as “mongrels” and “rats.” This led to accusations of racism and caused many people to turn away from the community.

Background of Geoyu Ilbe

Geoyu Ilbe emerged on the Ilbe community in 2011. It was a small group at first, but as more members joined, it became one of the most popular subcultures on the site. The community consisted of men who were obsessed with large breasts, and they would often share photos and videos of women with large busts.

The members of Geoyu Ilbe would have competitions to find the best breasts in Korea, with members voting on their favorite entries. They also shared tips on how to approach women with large breasts and would sometimes use derogatory language to describe women with smaller busts.

The community was not limited to sharing images of women; they often engaged in discussions on what constituted the “perfect” pair of breasts. Members also shared information on plastic surgery and breast augmentation, furthering the notion that the community’s focus was solely on sexualizing women.

Controversy Surrounding Geoyu Ilbe

The Geoyu Ilbe community has faced widespread criticism for its objectification of women and the promotion of sexual exploitation. The members of the community have been accused of perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes and promoting a toxic culture that leads to real-life harassment of women.

Many people have accused Geoyu Ilbe of being a breeding ground for misogyny. The language used by members often dehumanizes women, reducing them to nothing more than sexual objects. This has led to many accusations of sexual harassment and assault by members of the community.

One of the most controversial moments in Geoyu Ilbe’s history was the “Breast Flashes” event. In 2013, members of the community began encouraging women to flash their breasts in public places and upload pictures to the site. The event quickly gained notoriety and led to outrage from many groups. The police even got involved, and several women were charged with indecent exposure.

The event highlighted the dangerous culture that Geoyu Ilbe promotes, one that encourages women to be seen as nothing more than sexual objects. While many members of the community claim that their actions are simply harmless fun, the reality is that Geoyu Ilbe has a much darker side.

Legal Ramifications of Geoyu Ilbe’s Actions

As mentioned before, the Breast Flashes event led to several women being charged with indecent exposure. While the event was organized by members of the Geoyu Ilbe community, the site itself cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of its users.

However, this does not mean that the site is immune to legal troubles. In 2017, the South Korean government announced that it would be cracking down on online hate speech. Since then, several members of the Ilbe community have been arrested for making threats against politicians and promoting hate speech towards marginalized groups.

In 2018, three members of Geoyu Ilbe were arrested for making threats against two female journalists. The members had threatened to throw Molotov cocktails at the journalists’ offices and had posted personal information about them online. They were charged with obstruction of business and making threats under the Information and Communications Network Act.

The arrests of Geoyu Ilbe members show that the online community is not immune to the consequences of its actions. While many members claim that their comments are simply jokes or harmless fun, the reality is that their words can have serious consequences.


1. Is Geoyu Ilbe still active?

Yes, the Geoyu Ilbe community is still active, although its popularity has declined in recent years.

2. Is Geoyu Ilbe just a harmless hobby?

No, the community has been criticized for promoting misogyny and the sexual objectification of women. Members have also engaged in real-life harassment of women.

3. Can the Ilbe site be held legally responsible for the actions of Geoyu Ilbe members?

No, the site itself cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of its users.

4. What are the legal ramifications of Geoyu Ilbe’s actions?

Members of the Ilbe community have faced legal consequences for making threats and promoting hate speech. While the site itself cannot be held legally responsible, users are not immune to legal consequences.

5. Is it possible to change the culture of the Ilbe community?

While it is difficult to change the culture of an online community, there have been efforts to call out problematic behavior and promote more positive discussions. As more people become aware of the dangers of hate speech and misogyny, there is hope that the culture of Ilbe can change for the better.

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도 넘은 일간베스트…’일베’, 그들은 누구인가_130523_채널A NEWS

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도 넘은 일간베스트...'일베', 그들은 누구인가_130523_채널A NEWS
도 넘은 일간베스트…’일베’, 그들은 누구인가_130523_채널A NEWS

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